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Christmas in the Tri-County area...

- Food Gallery - delicious images from a  'Strawberry Social' in Enfield.

Athena Images offers it's clients in the Tri-County area of Nova Scotia the benefits of more than 30 years photographic experience - fast Call Anne Marie at 902 414 -1797 for more info.

Our service is highly mobile and time flexible, delivering digital images for all your advertising needs:

On the Web                 On Air                 In Print

Quick Shots - fast digital images of your business, property or item for sale, your new sign or product, whatever you need right now for tomorrow's ad.  We do a lot of work with food...

Image Bank - stock photos of landmarks, events & scenery from the Tri-County area.

Site Finder - location scouting for photo or film shoots.

SORRY - we don't do weddings or portraiture, we know great local people who do!

Athena Images photos & videos appear on multiple web sites and stills have appeared in print in such publications as:
  • Flyer Alliance
  • Hants Journal
  • Chronicle Herald
  • Studio Rally Guide
  • The Shoreline Journal
  • Horse & Pony Magazine
  • East Hants Municipal Newsletter
  • What's Up East Hants, EH Municipality
  • Enfield Weekly Press, Advocate Publishing
  • Foundations of Prosperity, EH Municipality
Images have also been requested for use by:


  • Truro Magazine
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Central Nova Tourism Association
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Client List

Athena Images is already established in the Tri-County area, and has taken photos for a wide range of small businesses and groups, including:

  • Municipality of East Hants

  • Hants County Arts Council

  • South Maitland Historical Society

  • East Hants Chamber of Commerce

  • West Hants Chamber of Commerce

  • Angel Tree Caring & Sharing Food Bank

  • Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds

  • Maitland District Development Association

  • Kennetcook Society for Economic & Environmental Development

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